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Provides Accountability and Encourages Compliance.

Our flagship technology. SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® is the world’s most widely used and trusted 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing system. For high-risk, hardcore DUI and alcohol offenders, and individuals in treatment trying to maintain sobriety.

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SCRAM CAM = 24/7 Sobriety Monitoring

  • Continuous alcohol monitoring is proven to support long-term behavior change and complements treatment for alcohol dependence or addiction

  • Eliminates testing gaps—no ability to miss a test or drink around testing schedules

  • Goes where the client goes—no transportation to a testing center

  • Flexible base station options via Ethernet, cellular, Wi-Fi, or landline ensures clients can connect

  • Optional, integrated RF house arrest provides an extra level of supervision

  • Intuitive program management software and mobile apps improve program efficiency and outcomes

SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring

How It Works

The SCRAM CAM System

Tennessee AMS SCRAM System
Transdermal Testing
Alcohol metabolism

How SCRAM CAM Tests Alcohol Through the Skin

Transdermal Testing

If you’ve ever noticed the aroma coming from someone who drank alcohol the night before, then you’ve experienced the very event that spawned our founder’s interest in the science of transdermal alcohol monitoring.


While the science of transdermal testing is not new, the application of this technology in the SCRAM CAM bracelet to effectively test and report alcohol consumption is innovative and unique to our product. 

CAM Program Benefits
Tennessee AMS SCRAM Reporting

Ohio AMS provides each customer with detailed and descriptive compliance, and non-compliance reports that enhance your supervision capabilities.  But it doesn't stop there.  Our experienced staff, trained by SCRAM Systems, will provide knowledgeable court testimony, standing behind the SCRAM CAM data.  

Additionally, Ohio AMS conducts regular program performance reviews in which detailed reports highlight your programs success.  This kind of information is valuable in securing program funding, in annual reports and to ensure we are meeting your goals.  That level of support just isn't available with other technologies or service providers.  

Accurate Reporting and Data

Enhancing Your SCRAM CAM Program

CAM Requirements

Not All Monitoring Devices are Created Equal

CAM Requirements

When considering Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) technologies, it’s important to understand what’s required for a technology to truly be CAM. Only systems that meet specific requirements are considered court validated. Any system that does not meet these requirements should not be considered “the same as CAM” and should undergo the same peer-review and judicial scrutiny as court-validated CAM.

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

SCRAM CAM in Action

Client Voices

Research has shown that SCRAM CAM supports long-term behavior change in alcohol-involved clients. That research comes to life in these real-world stories from some of our clients.

Sober Days

A Sober Day is a 24-hour period in which a SCRAM CAM client has no confirmed alcohol consumption and no confirmed attempt to tamper or circumvent testing.

Selecting the Right Technology for Every Client

OPTIONS in Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Systems is the only technology company providing OPTIONS in alcohol monitoring to help you manage a wider range of alcohol clients and reduce risks to your community.

Two Technologies.  One Provider.

Multiple solutions to support your evidence-based program and manage both higher- and lower-risk clients.  Ohio AMS can offers our customers the advantage of flexible technology in one location.  

Tennessee AMS offers SCRAM CAM and SCRAM Remote Breath
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